Farm Diary continued (9)

These pictures will take a while to down-load. They are graphic pictures of lambs being born.

4th April

Easter Sunday. Will and I were the only ones to make it to church.

The day started with some good triplets. Then Nancy, Dave and Crispin brought a wonderful lunch round for us, starting with champagne and smoked salmon. It is so nice seeing other people working in my kitchen.

Later, two sheep gave birth almost simultaneously, which was nice for Crispin and Laura as they wanted to see a lamb being born. With Tom being there, I was able to take some photos, so most of this page will speak for itself.

The sheep is straining, Tom is helping - I think just by pulling a leg straight.
First thing is to get the membrane off the mouth and nostrils, then leave it to the mother to lick clean.

waiting for the twin



twin on the way

A little help from Tom and then a good picture to show how the lamb is lain in front of the mother with its head down, for any fluid to drain.

More than enough pictures for one page. Sorry for the down-load time.

More lambs later that evening. Very late to bed and then woken by James at 4.45 asking me to take over, as there was a lamb he couldn't get to suckle. I wish interupted nights didn't leave me feeling so disorientated.

I've got more good pictures for tomorrow.

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