Farm Diary (1)

3rd March 1999

It's been a bit hectic lately. James somehow scratched the cornea in his left eye and was in agony for about 48 hours. I had to see to all the animals, and take him into Plymouth to the eye hospital. We went 3 times, including the trip to the casualty department in the middle of the night. It's only when something like that happens that you realy realise what a wonderful gift sight is. I was wondering how I was going to cope and then it suddenly cleared up.

The first chickens are coming in less than 3 weeks - just before we start lambing. The concrete base for the feed silo is ready and the silo will be bolted together by James and Pat next Friday. We are hoping that the first huts will be made in time!

We've had a visit from a childhood friend from Holland. We've known each other for more than 30 years. Lovely to see her again.

Buttercup, Astrid and James.

Anne with Primrose and Polly

22nd February 1999

A busy time of year. The cows have been in our big shed since November (the ground is too wet, and they are too heavy to stay outside through the winter).

The cows mostly have their calves with them (they are not weaned till about 9 months) and they need feeding twice a day and fresh straw every morning. They are very peaceful animals, and it is very soothing to sit on the hay stack and watch them chewing the cud whilst a calf has a slurpy drink.

The sheep have come in a little early (they lamb in doors) as it has been so wet. They need grain (our own), seaweed powder, silage and hay and straw every day too.

So just the routine feeding takes some time every day, -- and then of course, there are the older calves who are over-wintering in the woods with hay and silage, last years lambs who have grain and hay in the field, and the chickens,cats and dogs. Somehow we have to find time for foot-trimming, dagging, paper-work, preparing for the new enterprise of proper eating chickens, planting vegetables, muck-spreading etc. etc.

We had some lovely snow the other day and did get in some toboganning - the dogs enjoyed it too.

James, Jess and Patch in the snow.

February 1999.

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