Farm Diary continued (2)

11th March

The primroses are starting to flower in the banks and the wild daffodils are out down in Under Hill. The birds are singing their hearts out and it has turned bitterly cold again. It was down to minus 4, two nights ago. We were out late, as James found a ewe starting to prolapse when he did the 'last-thing-at-night' round of the animals. Walking back to the house after we'd strapped her up, the stars were brilliant. There haven't been many nights like that this winter. The days have been lovely, sunny and dry.

Our one surviving laying brown hen (the other 5 were taken by the fox), always appears when I'm feeding the cats. Most of them are frightened of her and will leave the milk until she's had enough.

Black Hen
Henry, Brown Hen and Daisy
The 6 pullets (young hens) that I bought with Sally's children 3 weeks ago, have finally adapted to the trauma of being exposed to freedom and open skies and are starting to explore the world.
Young chickens, watched by Jess, very hesitant to explore the world.
Young chickens exploring the world
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