Farm Diary continued (8)

2nd and 3rd April

Good Friday. Lots of help, with Tom and William and my sister Jane.

I slept late, as I'd been up in the night.

Mary spent a lot of time polishing a sword, and her shoes, as she was part of the guard of honour at a friends wedding on Saturday.

We thought we'd go to the Good Friday evening service of prayers and Taize chanting round the cross; but the sheep started producing in the evening, including one set of triplets after supper with one dead.(membrane over the mouth again).

We didn't get to bed till after midnight; but dear Tom did the night shift and we slept in in the morning. Looking back on that from when I'm writing this (the 13th), that seems like complete heaven.

Jane helping James with lambs


Lovely to get up late. Dave and Nancy and Crispin all came round to help in the morning.

Tom delivered his first lamb unaided, a big ram lamb with one leg back. Some triplets were born first thing, but the mother lay on one of them and it was dead.

Jane helped James with the tail docking and tagging, and Laurence helped me feed some lambs (3 pairs) whose mothers had mastitis.

Laurence carefully syringing milk into a stomach tube.

.I should have been writing this every day, as my memories are a bit blurred after interupted nights. The entry for tomorrow, though has some really brilliant pictures of lambs being born!

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