Farm Diary continued (10)

5th April 1999

My sister Christine looked in at lunchtime, with her husband and my niece Sara. The sheep behaved themselves impecably and gave us time for lunch, and then one of them produced a lamb for my sister to watch.


Watching from the haystack, Christine, Sara, Jane, Patch and Jess.

water bag appearing

head first, with feet tucked in a bit
straighten one leg
pick the lamb up swing it in the air

It was a beautiful day, warm enough to sit outside.

It got busy later in the day, and it was good to have Laurence helping to give the cows their silage.

I was up for a while in the early hours. One sheep had already had twins when I checked at 3.00 and another one started by the time I'd seen to the lambs. She didn't make much progress for an hour, and I ended up having to help her with the first big twin whose feet were tucked behind his nose.

It's lovely late at night with the moon shining behind gusting clouds, and the owls hooting.

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