Farm Diary

November 30

Nothing today. I've been busy makling christmas pudddings with Mary, holding Christopher, fetching visitors from our little branch railway line at Gunnislake, and cooking because Tom has come for the weekend. Plus trying to work out cryptic crossword clues (unsuccesfully ) for Will, who telephones when he wants an answer. (One of the clues was 'same one over the sea' 4 letters, if any one knows - probably very obvious, but my mind's a blank). And I've been cleaning out the dairy.

James is somewhere in the air, on his way home. I'll write this diary every 5 - 8 days now, unless anything exciting is happening. Meanwhile check regularly on for FMD news. One lovely gem today is Mrs Becket saying . "What people may not fully have focused on is if we decided as a country to go for vaccination what would be the advice other governments would give their population about travelling to the UK. I think you'd find that they would be advised not to do so. " Why?? Is she living on another planet to us? Does anyone recall advice not to travel to any of the dozens of countries that vaccinate regularly? It's late at night, after a lovely relaxed supper, and I'm feeling totally gobsmacked.

The meeting yesterday seems to have gone well. Look at the report on Warmwell.


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