Farm Diary

November 29


A wet mucky day. I haven't done anything on the farm myself. The pigs are going on Tuesday, now, instead of Sunday, so that is taking a little rearranging.

Pigs happily inside.

I've been making Christmas cards for our visitors in the Barn (one of the many services we provide!). Richard rang from Plymouth needing to be picked up, just as Mary was about to feed Christopher, so I went, and did some shopping on the way back. Then Gabriel was going to play his trumpet with a group in Tavistock this eveining, so I took him and his bicycle and picked up a take away curry on the way home. A friend came round for supper. I've just spoken to James, who's just getting up. He'll be catching a plane in 15 hours from now. Not long now.

Gabriel has just got back, cycling through the back lanes in the rain. He got a puncture so it took him a bit longer.

I haven't got much to say for myself so I'm pasting something from the 25th November from Mary Crichley's Warmwell site. She is a very impressive lady.

It is with sinking heart we read "MPs set to get four-day week with shorter hours" The Sunday Times report dare not say so overtly but power continues to slip out of the hands of elected politicians and into those of big business and financial interest. "Modernism" is indeed a charade - here and in proposed "reform" of the Lords and the Law. The monarchy too will be swept away with the excuse that it is outmoded, and leave no checks and balances against the faceless ones. The Cabinet, with the exception of Gordon Brown, must surely be uneasily aware that they have been chosen for reasons other than for statesmanlike qualities. They are most certainly not there to think or govern. No lean and hungry looks there. Similarly, along with the Terrorism bill, the Animal Health bill is a pretence, using manufactured alarm about scrapie and BSE to confer on a government department monstrous powers over people's lives and property; a government department that itself appears to be controlled by forces that are vindictive, malevolent and self righteous. The population is kept docile by its dependence on consumerism. Pot-induced smiling quiescence is about to be encouraged since it is easier to handle than lager loutism. The only public service broadcasting is in tiny pockets just as the only independent newspaper reporting is. We see that we are living in a Brave New (Labour ) World far from the principles of that Socialism we always applauded. We are surely not the only ones to recognise this?

Happy heifers (Primrose, and I'm not sure which one from here)


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