Farm Diary 20

I am writing this page in April 2000. It will lack the immediacy of some of the earlier entries, but should still give some idea of farm life. The text will be rather brief! I am basing it on memories evoked by the photographs and on the notes in the farm Day Book and animal and field records.

May 11

I've been up to Sussex for a few days. Going away makes me appreciate Cornwall even more. I was born in Sussex, in a beautiful part under the South Downs, but it's not the place it used to be. Too many cars and not enough hedges!

The weather has been glorious. I think May is my favourite month. The green is so fresh on the trees and hedges and the wild flowers are coming out more day by day.

The first of the eating chickens were taken to be killed this morning. It meant a very early start.They have to be caught in darkened huts so that they stay calm. We put them in crates and take them to another farm about four miles away which is licensed to kill Organic chickens.

Big A's calf, Blossom, was introduced to the other cows

bluebells, campion and cow parsley by the track from the barn

After we'd introduced Blossom we moved all the cows to Barn Park.

Astrid and Big A had a little tussle.
If cows have been seperated for even a little while they have to re-establish their pecking order. It's a good idea to keep clear as they push each other quite heavily. When they've finished they behave as though nothing has happened.

Astrid and Big A sorting out who's boss.

Astrid licking Blossom after 'sorting out' Big A

The orchids are coming out just below the orchard.

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