Volunteers are welcome.

We have joined WWOOF as a Host farm. WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms. We are asking volunteers to join WWOOF first. It means we are covered for insurance, plus it gives volunteers a much wider choice of farms to go to. The English address is WWOOF, PO Box 2675, Lewes BN7 1RB, The address of the International bit is http://www.phdcc.com/wwoof/ . It is really well worth joining.

We provide basic accommodation and plenty of food for anyone who wants to work with us

There is always something to do for an extra pair of willing hands !

Come and help at Hay-making. It's heavy work but great fun and you'll get a good tan and a great appetite.

We need help at lambing time; but that is quieter work, and it can be very unpredictable. Not for anyone who might be pregnant.

Organic farming is very labour intensive, and there are less glamorous but just as useful jobs to be done.

Pulling Ragwort, and topping or rooting up docks and thistles is ongoing work.

We have an old quarry that has been used as a farm rubbish tip and needs clearing to provide even more of a haven for wildlife than it already does.

It would be nice to build hides in 2 or 3 strategic places for watching birds.We need to clear brambles that are starting to encroach on our steepest wild-flower meadow, and the tree house needs more work on it.

The list of jobs is endless.

We can put volunteers up in an old caravan, a bunk-house, or, when there is room, in our house or in the barn when it isn't let.

You don't need any particular skills, just enthusiasm and a sense of humour!


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