Some Comments from our Visitors Book

We haven't had any negative comments yet. One of the joys of renting out the barn is seeing people so happy and appreciative. I love reading the comments in the book after they've gone -- but I won't bore you with more than a small selection.

'Our only regret is that our stay is too short, a second week would be perfect..'

'If only we could transport this wonderful place back home - thankyou for making it so perfect.'

'What a pleasure to stay in aplace that has obviously had a lot of time and love put into it, and how rare to be greeted by smiling animals in lush fields. It keeps you dreaming and fully inspired. Thankyou.'

'One day we will come back!' (from New Zealand)

'Although it rained most of the week, we managed to have a fantastic holiday......It was like being at home but better.'

'Dear Jo, James and everyone at the farm, I'll miss you all and I wish I could live here....'

'We have all had a wonderful time in the barn.....We all enjoyed feeding the lambs!'

'May all who stay here be as enchanted by it as we have been....'

'For city-dwellers who positively dislike hard labour, it has added spice to our holiday to see others toil while we (pen-)rest!...'

'We've had a wonderful time, and anytime you need an extra haymaker, lamber, raft-builder, swine-herd...'

'Could stay here forever..'

I hope you can tell from these extracts, not only how much people have enjoyed themselves, but how much we've loved having them here. It is very satisfying seeing people arrive looking stressed and harassed and then visibly unwinding and relaxing.