Our Family

This page is really for the benefit of friends overseas, who knew our children when they were little and are interested in what they're doing now. I only hope that our children don't find their way to this page, as they would probably be rather annoyed with me! I could write pages about them but I'll stick to a few basic facts.

Mary, Thomas and William.

Singapore 1983

When Mary left school she took a 'gap' year which included 4 months scuba diving off an island in Belize(helping to record Marine life), and a Cordon Bleu cookery course. She went on to read Psychology at Swansea University where she joined the University Royal Naval Unit , and spent many a happy weekend cruising the ports of the West Country and gaining a working knowledge of all the best pubs.

(As of March 1999). Mary is now an officer in the Royal Navy and is just finishing a final stint at the Royal Naval College Dartmouth. She had eight months on a ship (HMS Coventry)after her initial training there.

Mary's passing out parade,

April 1998

Mary and Tom at a ball at the Royal Naval College Dartmouth April 1998

Thomas travelled in Africa for 7 months in his gap year and then went back to school at our local comprehensive to retake a couple of A levels (he had enjoyed a very good social life in the VIth form at Sherborne which had led to rather unfortunate results!).

He is now reading Geology at Oxford Brooks University where he is a part-time student this year, having enjoyed an even better social life in his first year and not having enough modules to enter the second year.

He is doing well now, finding life quite tough as he has had to get a job to pay for his keep (and University fees) whilst studying in the evenings.

He is still playing the flute and is teaching himself the guitar.

Thomas March 1999

William is in his first year of A levels at Sherborne school, studying Maths, Biology and Theology.

He is a music scholar and plays the violin and piano and sings.

He doesn't know what he is going to do after school.

Will and an armful of Jess's puppies

July 1998

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